Ruru is approximately 40 kilometres off the South Taranaki coast and straddles both the Maui Production License and the adjacent Petroleum Exploration Permit (Ruru, PEP 381203).

A wide range of stakeholders have and are being consulted. The local hapu, Ngati Tara suggested the name “Ruru” which is the Maori word for morepork and means “protector”.

A comprehensive safety and environmental plan is in place. STOS has been safely operating the offshore Maui field for more than 30 years without a significant discharge incident and in September last year, won the Excellence in Safety Award at the NZ Energy Awards.

The demand for energy is growing, and oil and natural gas, alongside alternative energy sources, will be part of that energy future for years to come. In 2009 the oil and gas sector contributed $2.5 billion to GDP. (Source Venture Taranaki).

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