It was good to see yesterday one of the protesters halt his unlawful occupation of the drilling rig and the matter resolve itself safely. We look forward to the remaining protesters taking similar prudent and respectful action. We remain concerned about the welfare of those choosing to continue this unlawful trespass and we are disappointed that Greenpeace has chosen a path of non-cooperation over cooperation.

Actions like this jeopardize the safety of all involved and our offer of an open conversation still holds.

Shell has taken unprecedented steps to pursue safe, environmentally responsible exploration in shallow water off the coast of Alaska. We recognize that industry’s license to operate in the offshore is predicated on being able to operate in a safe, environmentally sound manner.

Shell’s commitment to those basic principles is unwavering. Shell’s Alaska Exploration Plans and Oil Spill Response Plans are guided by our extensive Arctic expertise, solid scientific understanding of the environment and world-class capabilities.

For more information on Shell’s Alaska exploration programme see –

Rob Jager, Chairman of Shell New Zealand

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